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International Anti-Poaching Foundation

International Anti-Poaching Foundation

International Anti-Poaching Foundation has a structured approach to conservation, employing the relevant tactics and technology to defend wildlife from the ever-increasing threat of poaching within protected areas. Anti-poaching however is only a portion of the conservation solution. To be a part of successful projects, the IAPF works alongside partners who specialize in community engagement and development, research and development, wildlife rescue and biodiversity management.
Anti-poaching protects community assets, creates jobs, promotes training and education and reduces habitat destruction. In the many water stressed countries of southern Africa, future generations will depend on these critical natural environments for their very wellbeing

IAPF rangers form the first and last line of defense for nature. Without the right training, equipment, management and support they cannot defend the World’s natural heritage for future generations. The IAPF fulfills this niche responsibility within its areas of operations, whilst working alongside credible partners who specialize in the other vital components of conserving protected area biodiversity. The requirement for inspiring urgent political action towards the safekeeping of the planet cannot be overstated. This responsibility should transcend all levels of industry, business and society as we strive for a generation of people that give, not take. Increasing pressure on the world’s natural assets is simply not sustainable.